About me


Sophia from Prosperity Pose

Hi there, I’m Sophia.

The past few years have involved some big changes for me and my family. We’ve moved interstate three times and had two children.

Basically, when it comes to cash, I really haven’t had my eye on the ball…

So now, I’m trying to learn anything and everything I can about living a more prosperous life.

To be clear: I don’t think having money equals happiness, or that people should chase money at all costs.

I want to understand how people can be, or feel, financially prosperous, while also living a more simple, gentle and fulfilled life.

This blog focuses on three main areas:

  1. How money works
  2. How to be more mindful about spending and saving
  3. If money is just another form of energy – how to create financial flow and a more prosperous ‘vibe’

Throughout my posts, I will link to the sites and resources I’ve found useful, so hopefully, others can find the key to unlocking greater prosperity in their lives as well.