My five favourite personal finance sites

Personal finance is a confronting subject.

You either love managing money or you hate it. Some people want to know where every dollar goes while others prefer to live as if none of it matters.

Personally, I’ve found that it does matter. I spent years pretending that money didn’t really matter and ‘one day’ I would start saving or investing.

That day didn’t come. And if I’m REALLY honest. It still hasn’t come.

But the difference now is I’m doing everything I can to make sure that it does.

When I started looking into who was talking about this stuff I found a lot of – mainly American – personal finance sites.

Some were helpful and some were a bit preachy.

So, here’s a list of my favourite ones (so far):

My five favourite personal finance sites

The Simple Dollar

I like The Simple Dollar because it began as a site for people fighting debt and bad spending habits while trying to build a financially secure future.

A few months ago, it was like this blog was reading my mind

Trent Hamm started the blog in 2006, “after going through a complete financial meltdown”. He threw himself headfirst into fixing the problem and not only has he nixed the debt, The Simple Dollar now gets around one million visitors per month and he was able to sell his site to media company, Soda.

Daily Worth

Daily Worth describes itself as “every woman’s guide to money, career, and business”. US computer programmer Amanda Steinberg started the site in 2009, and since then it has taken off. Amanda has now launched digital investing service WorthFM.

Our goal is that all women see money not as a source of stress and anxiety, but as one of freedom and empowerment. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Saving is not selfish. And spending doesn’t have to be accompanied by guilt.

I follow this site because it offers up financial tips (specifically for women) in interesting ways and from a lot of different perspectives.


Financy is an Aussie online money magazine that wants financial fitness to become an aspirational goal for women.

it’s a lifestyle that transcends the pages of dull financial clutter and enhances the lives of readers – just like that favourite beauty mag, fashion brand or holiday destination.

Financy has short and sweet articles on what’s happening in the finance world, so I feel informed. It also runs some great contributor articles like this one from Lea Schodel on how emotions impact wealth building.

Cait Flanders

Cait originally started a blog to document her debt repayment journey, but after paying it off, she tossed out most of her stuff and embraced minimalism through a two-year shopping ban.

Cait is really transparent about how she paid down debt, and what she spends and earns. She also gives some helpful strategies on how to be more mindful with your money.

The Barefoot Investor

I don’t want to harp on about this guy again (particularly as he doesn’t reply to my tweets…) but Scott Pape knows his stuff and has apparently been voted “Australia’s most trusted finance expert”.

I like his blog because he uses the power of analogy to drive home some complex financial messages.

Anyway, we all know that I think he’s awesome.

Nuff said.

Do you have a favourite finance site or blog?