Two steps forward, one (or five) steps back

How do you deal when things aren’t really going to your financial plan? When despite your best intentions, things are just a bit, ‘meh’?

I should point out right now that I do love control. That old saying, “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” needs to be a mantra for me, I think.

Anyway, on this little journey of mine, there are bound to be a few speed bumps. In the past fortnight, a couple of large expenses have hit at once, and I’ve really overspent on food. I shouldn’t be so disappointed because I’ve also had a few wins recently like a decent tax return and some extra income I wasn’t expecting. So why does the ‘failure’ sting so much?

My job this week, is to get my personal finance mojo back. I can’t undo the spending, but I can plan better for the next fortnight and try to learn from my mistakes. I’ve been tracking my spending using mobile apps PocketBook and ASIC’s ‘Track My SPEND’, which means I can see where I went wrong and/or how the blowout happened.  PocketBook is able to link to my main bank account (where the bills are paid from) and automatically categorises most expenses for me. The ASIC app needs you to manually enter your expenses, which at first I found annoying, but it’s actually been really good to track discretionary things like coffee, extra groceries, and anything paid in cash.

I’m also going to give a new budgeting method a go and I’ll let you know what happens…

How do you deal when things aren’t really going to plan?